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PRograms and Initiatives

At South Bay Safe Streets, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to reducing impaired driving incidents and improving overall safety in our community. Our two main programs, Choose Your Ride and Zero Tolerance Hermosa, are designed to create awareness and encourage responsible behavior among visitors to Hermosa Beach. Choose Your Ride is our targeted messaging program that encourages visitors to use ride-sharing options instead of driving impaired. Zero Tolerance Hermosa encompasses Choose Your Ride and also includes messaging to let visitors know Hermosa has zero tolerance for all types of crime including illicit drugs, speeding, underage drinking and fighting. We partner with local establishments to create and implement policies that prioritize responsible behavior and help establish Hermosa Beach as a safe destination.

We also provide education and awareness resources for reducing drunk driving, including tips for hosting safe parties and events, and information on the dangers of driving under the influence. In addition, we offer resources for safe riding habits for electric bikes and other vehicles. These guidelines include wearing helmets, following traffic laws, and ensuring proper maintenance of vehicles.

At South Bay Safe Streets, we recognize the impact of homelessness on our community and are committed to reducing its effects. We work with local organizations and government agencies to provide resources for those in need and encourage a compassionate and proactive approach to this issue. We believe that by working together, we can create a safer, more inclusive community for everyone.

Zero Tolerance Hermosa

A powerful collaborative initiative between the Hermosa Beach Police Department and SBSS. This program conveys an unwavering message: If you engage in dangerous behaviors such as drinking and driving, carrying weapons, selling drugs, or causing disturbances within Hermosa Beach, law enforcement will swiftly and decisively intervene, ensuring that offenders are apprehended and face the consequences of their actions, ultimately fostering a safer and more secure community

Choose Your Ride

Choose Your Ride: We love visitors in the South Bay, but we urge you to prioritize safety by opting for a ride-share service. Making the wrong decision can have grave consequences, endanger lives, result in significant financial burdens, and lead to the loss of your driver’s license. Our aim is to foster a safe and enjoyable environment where visitors can make responsible choices that safeguard everyone’s well-being. Choose your ride wisely and join us in promoting a culture of responsible decision-making in Hermosa Beach.

E-Bike Safety

As the popularity of electric bikes continues to soar, safety concerns have become paramount, particularly with the increasing number of riders, including children, hitting the streets. In the South Bay, where e-bikes often coexist with vulnerable pedestrians and young children, it is crucial to prioritize safety. In Hermosa Beach, all e-bike riders are required to wear a helmet as a fundamental safety measure. E-bikes can reach speeds exceeding 20 mph, presenting a significant risk of injury and legal liability. It’s essential to remember that reckless behavior, such as speeding at 35 mph alongside joggers with strollers, may result in stricter regulations. Let’s prioritize safety, show courtesy, and respect the rules of the road for a secure and enjoyable e-bike experience.

Get Involved

We welcome volunteers, donations, and event participation to help us further our mission.

Choose Your Ride and Zero Tolerance Hermosa

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